Terms & Conditions


The Service Provider provided me information in the screening & profiling survey explaining how the study will be conducted. 

I agree to follow all the instructions provided in the screening & profiling survey in order to provide my opinion regarding the objective of the study (participation in one to one online live study). 

The Service Provider Human8 is mandated by a sponsor whose name will be revealed at the end of the Study. 


I consent to being photographed, filmed, observed, and questioned by the Service Provider and/or Sponsor in the framework of my participation in the Study, either individually or in a group, including in interviews. 

Moreover, if the Study calls for it, I agree to post comments, videos, and/or photos of myself on the internet platform that will be indicated to me. In the event of a contradiction between this document and the General Conditions for Use of the platform, the latter takes precedence.  

I hereby grant the Sponsor the right to use and exploit my image as it is captured in various ways over the course of the Study. The term “Image” includes any fixed or moving images as well as my voice as recorded over the course of the Study. The Sponsor is authorised to add, adapt, edit, delete, reframe, process and dub (for translation purposes, etc.) my initial Image however they please. 

I authorise the Sponsor to use my Image: 

  • for all in-house uses (research, communication, etc.)  
  • for in-house and external educational presentations , and in any case for strictly non-commercial purposes . 

However my Image is used, the Sponsor will ensure that there is no link between my name and my Image. 

This authorisation is granted without any payment in return, throughout the world, for a period of 3 years starting from the end of the Study with no limit regarding the number of copies or type of media whether or not that type of media is known at the time of signing. 

I have the right to withdraw this authorisation at any time by written notification sent by registered mail to the Service Provider. 


I hereby explicitly consent to allowing my personal data (such as first name, last name, address, hair type, and skin type) to be collected and processed by Human8. 

I consent to allowing the Sponsor to receive and process the Study data related to me, excluding my first name last name and mail address.  

I understand that it will be used for the following purposes:  

  • Improving knowledge of consumers’ needs and practices 
  • Establishing a knowledge database on the Products 

My personal data will not be used for any other purpose without my prior written consent. It will be stored by the Service Provider/Sponsor for 3 years starting from the end of the Study (though this period may be extended by the implementation of a legal provision). 

In accordance with the Law, I have the right to access, the right to rectify, the right to data portability, and the right of erasure for my personal data. I can also oppose processing of that data. To exercise my rights, I must send my request to the Study’s Service Provider: Human8 (platformsupport@wearehuman8.com Evergemsesteenweg, 195, 9032 Wondelgem, Belgium). If after contacting the Service Provider I believe that my rights are not being respected, I can submit an online claim to the the (Belgian) “Data Protection Authority”, (address) Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussel, (tel) 32 (0)2 274 48 00, (email) contact@apd-gba.be. 

If the regulations so require, they may be passed on to the French or foreign health authorities under conditions that ensure the confidentiality thereof. Moreover, service providers (such as IT or image analysis service providers), some of whom may be based outside of the European Union or the country in which my data was collected, may have access to my personal data for the purposes of the study, or technical maintenance, among others. Lastly, in order to compare and enrich the data collected in the context of the Study, they may be passed on to the Sponsor’s affiliated companies or subsidiaries in other countries around the world.  


Access to my personal data will at all times be restricted to authorised persons only, who will maintain its confidentiality.  

The Service Provider and Sponsor will ensure that the level of protection for my personal data complies with applicable personal data protection regulations and that the level is equivalent to what is required within the European Union. 


Throughout the study and for a 3-year period starting at the end of the Study, I agree not to reveal, copy, or use any information regarding the study, that I might learn during the course of the Study. I agree not to share any documents in my possession regarding the study with anyone and to destroy them promptly regardless of the type of media (i.e., paper, photo, video, etc.).  


I understand that I may be asked to make suggestions regarding new products, devices, and/or services in the cosmetics and beauty sectors and to provide feedback on the products and/or services that I will be presented. I hereby grant the Sponsor all intellectual property rights regarding my suggestions and feedback. The Sponsor will therefore have full ownership of the Suggestions and Feedback without any sort of limitation. 


Participation in the Study is voluntary, and I understand that I may refuse to participate or that I may withdraw at any time without obligation or prejudice. I also understand that my participation may also be interrupted at any time without my agreement by the Service Provider or Sponsor.  


As mentioned in the screening & profiling survey, I understand that I will receive a compensation to offset the costs and constraints relating to participation in the Study. The exact amount and provider of the compensation will be communicated at the start of the study. If I choose to stop the Study or if the Study is modified, the compensation will be calculated on a pro rata basis reflecting my real participation.  


As part of this research, HUMAN8 on behalf the sponsor, will process your personal data in order to better understand consumers’ beauty habits and attitudes and the role of beauty in their lives. 

This will be done in accordance with the regulations on personal data. Your data will remain confidential and will be stored for a limited period of time, on our secure servers; and will be stored with the answers of the other participants.  

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation n°2016/679 and the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access your personal data, to rectify or erase it, to ask for the limitation of the processing of your data, or to oppose this processing. 

We inform you that some of the answers that will be requested may be considered sensitive data within the meaning of the regulations.  

For any request concerning the processing of your personal data, the identity of the sponsor, or to exercise your rights, you can contact HUMAN8 Data Protection Officer at the following address: dpo@wearehuman8.com.